Munira S. Missouri

Its Not Sex!

Most rapists in the United States get high raping and they feel physically stronger than their victims.

Dear Next President,

I am a 9th grader who enjoys the political world. My letter is personal to you because you would have to be crazy to think this is okay and not do anything about it. Also I would like to see some changes made about rape.

Most rapists in the United States get high off raping. Sometimes the rapists like their victims weaker than them. Emily Doe got raped behind a Stanford dumpster while she was unconscious. At the time, the college woman was inebriated and Brock Turner, the rapist, was physically stronger than her. Brock Turner served three months in jail, while the victim was left with mental and emotional scars. In other words, our criminal justice did not give the rightful sentence Brock deserved, meanwhile Brock’s friend who was also involved in the rape got sentenced to 15 years in prison. It is important to know that, Brock’s friend was black. More importantly is that our criminal justice system is corrupt. They based skin color on jail sentencing. Emily was also treated with injustice by people shaming her. On top of that, she already had a plethora of mental and emotional problems.

Emily was unconscious and woke up to a nightmare, while other girls were conscious and experienced the horrific event. Emily is many of the girls who have been raped. Girls who can say all I had was hope and he took it away. His fingers curl around the hem of their jeans as they were sobbing. He did “it” as they screamed NO! They clamor and struggle in his grasp, kicking for their life. He did not comply. According to Dr. Wilson, emotional, or mental psychological effects rape horror, brainwashing, fear, anger, intense pleasure with pain. She also includes humiliation, promiscuity or fear of sex, shame, discouragement, and the hatred of the body. Women often blame themselves, hate themselves, or think their body is a constant reminder of what happened to them. This is why women do not have closure because the justice that they need was not provided.


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