Samantha S. Missouri

Heartbeats Change Lives

Many females end up changing their mind about abortion once they hear the baby's heartbeat. Why?

Dear President,

  I am a ninth grader, who enjoys politics. I am very concerned about abortion and there options. 

  Many females end up changing their mind about abortion once they hear the baby’s heartbeat. Some females change their mind once they hear the heartbeat because they realize it is an actual human being, or that they end up realizing that they CAN take care of the child. Some still go through with it because they know they physically cannot do it. My sisters friend was pregnant and was really focused on having an abortion. She did not want to go through with a sonogram, but they convinced her one. She ended up keeping the baby. She was glad she went through with it and kept the baby. My point is that females should go through or think about what the doctors think should be done. Females should really be thinking about all their choices first before doing anything rash. Females should not go through with the abortion without having a sonogram.

 She didn’t want this. Days go by and her throat is still in a knot. People keep saying to not do it, should she listen should she not? She didn’t want to see or hear the baby. She kept thinking if she should at least hear the choices. She went through with what they suggested. There was a heartbeat, an actual beat. It changed her whole perception.

  This is why abortion should be really thought about. Many people assume that abortion is an easy option. According to Dr. Joseph Randall they (the women) are never allowed to look at the ultrasound because they knew that if they so much as heard the heartbeat, they would not go through with the abortion.

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