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Will America be whole again?

Most America they say that immigrants take American jobs but that is not true because they take the jobs that nobody mans up to do such as farming.

     Dear President,

I am a ninth grade who is very concerned  about immigration and is concerned about the lives of immigrants.

          In America they say that immigrants take all of our jobs but they do not because they take the jobs that nobody is willing to do such as farming. So that they can help feed and support their families.I would definitely regret sending back all the immigrants just for trying to feed and protect their families.They earn money by working hard in the fields hard just to feed one dinner or lunch to them while they hope that their children will have a brighter future than they had.Sometimes I wonder why Americans treat immigrants poorly just because they are illegal and they are using there resources to help educate and protect their children.Basically everybody should be sensitive to an immigrant because everybody's ancestors have been an immigrant which leads tides to you as an immigrant unless you are 100% Native American.

         In this world there are two different types of people there is an ignorant and greedy person and a kind and listening type of person.The ignorant person will never  listen to their elders and  they think that they know everything that the world has to offer. The generous carrying person listen and respects their elders.So talking about this subject I want to talk about how Americans say immigrants take all of their jobs but it is not true because immigrants take the jobs no American does such as farming.Immigrants take those jobs in order to help feed and protect their families.If you were an immigrant how would you feel if someone get coming to you and said you don’t belong here so just leave because your taking all our jobs.They treat immigrants like trash just because they are illegal and are supposedly making the economy bad.They want Donald trump to become the president so that he can kick out the immigrants but he wants to do that for fun, but his wife is an immigrant.So whats the point of kicking out the immigrants because if he does he is going to kick out his wife. Barrack Obama the 44 Democratic President  states “what makes someone american isn’t just blood or birth but allegiance to our founding principles and faith in the idea that anyone from anywhere can write the next chapter of our story.”George Washington the 1st President  himself states “I had always hoped that this land might become a safe and agreeable asylum to the vitreous and perspective part of mankind to whatever nation they belong to.”

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