Mikaela California

Police Brutality

There are many pros and cons of having police. Not all police shootings are aimed at African Americans.

Dear Next President,

I am writing about police brutality and the percentages of cops killing people. The pros and cons of having police. Some evidence I have about cops and the percentages of killings is that cops are killed twice as many whites than blacks in 2015. 50% of the victims were of fatal police shootings over white people while 26% were black.

There is a theory going around that white police are hunting down innocent black men, more whites and hispanics die from police homicides than blacks. 12% of white and hispanic homicide deaths were due to police officers while only four were black homicide deaths.

I think that the amount of people that are having contact with police in bad ways is not okay. The police need to all train together and figure out a way to handle certain people and if they cannot do that then they shouldn't be in the force. Most of the situations that happen with the police and people they come in contact with are because they don't know how to cooperate with the police or with the person. They have had situations with them in the past or have problems with them because of their race.

In conclusion, cops killed twice as many whites than blacks. Fifty percent of the victims were white and were fatal police shootings. While the other twenty six percent were black. Police brutality is a real thing and the statistics are there for proof.