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When you buy a gun, are you worthy of owning it?

Are you labeled a threat for owning a gun?

Dear Future President,

As of right now, we are dealing with issues all over the country that diminish our idea of a “Safe America,” but how can we achieve this when regions in the U.S have views that are drastically different when it comes to the second amendment? I strongly suggest limiting customers whoever purchases the weapon by having background checks that are thoroughly inspected to lower the chances of potential threats. 

Over the past decade, school shootings and firearm massacres have slowly become an extremely controversial topic to discuss. The most well known of discussions would be the Columbine massacre on April 20th, 1999. The massacre had the cost of 15 lives, including a teacher, and 24 wounded students. This could have been prevented if officers had knowledge about the shooters two years prior to the shooting.The cases involved Dylan Klebold, who had a website with a forum that included all the ideas the shooter had for threatening the students by name. They would mainly target the jocks of the school since they never included them with the popular mob.  More thorough background checks would have put the two students in prison, since the shooters were accused of threats over the internet.

I’m not saying the we should totally repeal the Second Amendment, we must rather deter its flexibility for individuals to purchase lethal weapons. States have already imposed a law that prevents patients or individuals with mental illnesses from purchasing weapons, but it's apparent that most of the states do not collect information about the persons who fit these criteria.

Speaking on political issues as well, Donald Trump believes that in such shootings as the ones in Paris and California, there would be less casualties if there were civilians with guns shooting back. Gary Johnson thinks that the civilian possession of guns will make shooters and criminals think twice about committing crime publicly because you never know who has a gun. The problem with this logic is the question of how do they think those shooters got the guns to kill all those people. Do you think that maybe the person that sold them guns thought the customer was an innocent civilian? Another problem with that logic is Trump and Johnson want to fight fire with fire. How do you fix gun violence? Well, according to Trump and Johnson, giving more people guns should solve the problem. The fact is less guns equal less shootings, less innocent lives taken and less gun violence. And if the government had more restrictions and background checks for the distribution of firearms, the chance of guns getting into the wrong hands would decrease along with the amount of dead people by shootings.

In conclusion, I think guns could be potentially threats in the wrong hands. Americans all over the country have strong awareness when it comes to gun control. Security must be reinforced, searches need to be made, research must be conducted on individuals with a rough background.



Image: > http://lpwa.org/gun-ownership/ - Image with the Glock 17

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