madison b. California

Abortion in the U.S.

Abortion is a controversial topic all over the world. However, it is not the choice of the government. It is a personal choice.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

Abortion has been a very sensitive topic for all people all over the world. This is a topic that needs to be discussed and that’s what I’m going to do. There are many pros and cons to abortion but I think everyone should be able to have the choice whether they want to terminate a pregnancy or not. There are also many different reasons as to why someone would want to terminate.

Everybody has a unique story and live under unique circumstances. Abortion should stay legal because it’s not fair for the government to decide someone's future. Some women choose to have an abortion because they are trying to make a responsible decision. The mother could be really young and not be able to care properly for the child. Also, an adult may also not be able to provide proper care for the newborn. This seems like a responsible decision for a woman to make. It may not mean that they can not provide later on but they may not be to get the proper prenatal care which in the end could hurt the baby in the long run. A different circumstance could also be a rape victim caring a baby from the rapist. This would be the another reason for needing to terminate. I personally would not ever be able to have a baby under those circumstances. That would be a terrible memory that would live with you forever, even under the same roof as you.

Other people or the government should not be given the power to decide the life of an unborn. Of course there is always adoption, but if people can not afford prenatal care it could affect the baby in a negative way later on. Adoption would be a better option than terminating. However, you may not know how long your child would stay in the foster system after being born. Personally, that would be harder to live with knowing that your child is living a life they did not choose and may stay in the foster system till they are 18 years old.

However there are reasonable reasons as to why abortion should be illegal to which I understand. People fight against the abortion laws because of the thought of killing an unborn fetus. That thought is heart breaking for many people and it’s understandable. Taking the life of a helpless unborn fetus is a horrible and unfair action.

All in all, I think that women, no matter their age, should be able to make their own decision on if they decide to keep the baby or not. The government's decision may not be the best decision for a woman and her baby. Abortion should stay legal. If you do not believe in abortion you do not have to have one. People should not push their beliefs onto other people whether they are for or against terminating a pregnancy.


Madison B.

Newbury Park High School

Lilly - English 12CP

English 12CP class, led by Robin Lilly, Room B21 at Newbury Park High School. Panthers Rock!

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