Nancy California

Child Abuse

Child Abuse should be stopped.

Dear Future President, 

          Many kids around the world are being abused and not given their personal rights. All kids have potential to be something in the future, but with child abuse, it affects them a lot from all the tragic moments of their abuse. Being abuse, is a brutal, cruelty, and nonhuman thing to do especially to children. They don't deserve to live a life with such violence and fear. Being abused is a thing children will never forget. It is engraved in their memories and childhood. Children that are abused will always live in a constant state of fear. Not only that, but criminals are the ones that were abused as a child and coped with violence throughout their whole life. 

       According to the statistics from National Children Alliances states that nearly 80% suffered neglect.18% suffered physical abuse and 9% suffered sexual abuse. Just under 80% of reported child fatalities as a result of abuse and neglect were caused by one or more of the child victim's parents. There is no point of giving birth to a child and giving them maltreatment. Most children who are abused dies in an instant due to many cruelty acts. I once came upon a Facebook post and saw a baby in Vietnam being beaten because he wouldn't eat! The cruelty makes me feel sad for all the victims of child abuse. Most child abuse that I know is in Vietnam from parents to babysitter and even to teachers. 

      Statistics shows that many children have died due to abuse. Childhelp states that in 2014 around 1000-2000 kids have died due to abuse. According to Childhelp, every ten seconds, a child abuse is reported. Some parents says that child abuse helps their kids to become discipline when in reality it just ends up hurting and killing them. It has been shown that most kids who were once abused grows up to be a criminal or abuser themselves. Due to all the traumatic experience as a child, it impacts you a lot later on in the future. If we want to stop criminals the best thing to do is to end child abuse. I hope that you can end child abuse.


                                                                                                                                 Nancy N.