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Animals Have Feelings Too

Having a stricter animal cruelty law will make it harder for anybody to treat an animal poorly.

Dear future president,

There is a problem that is happening right now, and that is animal cruelty. Animals are treated poorly and there are many cases where animals are harmed with nothing to be done. There shouldn't be animal fights, poor living conditions, or any sort of animals in danger. The court would rather focus on other things than people harming animals. There are videos of animals being mistreated. I’ve never heard of justice being served, but when someone is killed there is always a follow up to the person’s arrest.

Even animals that are in zoos are mistreated yet nothing is done. Sea World got a bad reputation after a movie, yet people still go to zoos. “It instantly became very clear to me that the animals imprisoned in zoos are sad and don’t want to be kept in artificial environments, have people gawk at them, listen to children who bang on the windows of their enclosures, or have cameras flashing in their faces. To put it simply, zoos are imprisoning animals who want to be free” says Michelle Carr. There are other ways to inform yourself about animals without harming them. I have been to zoos and I look at the animals and see how depressed they looked. No one can say they look happy and or thrilled to be locked up. I want to see zoos improve and see many animals release back to the wild. My dream would be to have no zoos, no animal captivity and have better rights for every animal.

I just don’t want to see dogs and cats getting better treatment from this I want every single animal to get the same rights and not have any animal live in captivity. Having a stricter animal cruelty law will make it harder for anybody to treat an animal poorly.



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