Alondra c. Oregon

Animal abuse

I believe that animal abuse is a big issue and that it needs to be dealt with.

Dear next president,

I believe that animal abuse is a serious problem not only in America, but worldwide. There are statistics on how much animal abuse occurs in laboratories alone:

Number of mice, rats, dogs, cats, rabbit, monkeys, and other animals killed in US laboratories each year


Number of animals that fall victim to animal hoarding each year


Percent of fur clothing in the United States that comes from China

54 %

This is an outrageous amount of animals that do not deserve this treatment. Most of the time, the fur that we get isn't handled with care. They rip the fur out of these amazing creatures and torture them with this pain that none of us have to endure. That's why we aren't trying hard enough to stop this problem.

People don't understand that animals feel the exact same as we do, that they have feelings like we do, that they can feel pain like we do, they know when they’re neglected like we do. The only difference between us and animals is the fact that they can't defend themselves like we can. They can't fight back like we can. They don't have a choice like some of us do.

When you think about what innocent animals go through every single day, it is absolutely disgusting. Would you want your hair ripped off you while you're wide awake? To be beaten to near death being alive and living with that pain with no medicine? To be beaten with objects? No, of course not because what human wants to go through that pain. Then why are we doing these horrific acts to these animals?most of the time, abuse occurs in the homes of people, big clothing corporations and slaughter houses. It may not be every one of these places, but it is in some, and some is too much.

One of the biggest problems that involves animal abuse is The Yulin festival in Yulin, China. It is held every year on June 21 and lasts nine days. At this festival, they take animals mainly dogs and cats from the streets and from people's homes and trap them in cages close together and they take them one by one and rip their hair off and boil these poor animals alive. They keep them in awful unsanitary conditions and let them be in pain for the last moments of their lives.This doesn't have anything to do with America, but it's still a horrific issue.

There are statistics on abuse in America, and a big correlation with abuse is families with domestic violence. “in one survey 71% of domestic violence victims claimed that there abuser also targeted animals.” There are many ways that animals are abused, and the most common way is neglect and abandonment. This may not be physical abuse, but it's still awful to go through.

Mr. or Mrs. President, this is why I believe animal abuse is a problem and needs to be fixed. This is just as important as any other situation that includes any kind of abuse.

We need to inform people and begin to start this change.