Ly Nguyen

Every Child Deserves a Meal

13.1 million children throughout the United states are dealing with starvation everyday. Our future generation lies in our hands, we need to help support the cause by donating for the needy families. No child should not have to starve.

Dear Mr. President,

As you already know the United States of America is well known as such an innovated country as it prospers continuously. But have you ever thought even in our rich country, children are scattered in every state dealing with starvation every single day? Though the United States is thriving, 25% of families living in large cities are food-insecure.

About 13.1 million children, 1 in 6, don’t have enough food to eat and starve. We need to stop food-insecurity for families so that their children and our future end starvation in America.

I am a child myself, and I read about other children dealing with starvation in the US to this day, this makes me think about how the government is not taking actions on this critical problem. As humans, we need to understand the infliction that children from indigent families deal with. If this conflict gains more attention, I believe that more people will be happy to contribute to helping needy families feed their kids.

Most homes dealing with food-insecurities have financial problems and struggle to earn enough money to provide a full meal to their families. About 48.8 million Americans including the 13.1 million kids lack to get a filling meal on a daily basis. That’s 4% of the US population, but the numbers continue to soar unless we stop it for good. In 2015, 20% of children in the USA (14.5 mil) lived in poverty, showing that the parents might have had problems earning enough money or finding stable jobs. Providing more jobs and raising the average wage will give an opportunity for the needy families be able to pay for daily nutritious meals. It is also important that not only should the families be able to afford food, but be healthy and nutritious foods that they are consuming.

Though most importantly Mr. President, is the after effects of what child starvation can do to our future generation. Most and minor effects of starving include the feeling of tightness, nausea, and sharp pain in the stomach. Dangerously, this can negatively lead to physical, social, and mental issues to the child. Children that starve are most likely to get illnesses, not fully grow, be underweight, impair development and struggle to comprehend in school. Without the full nutrition, kids lack energy to motivate themselves to society, creating social and behavioral difficulty and poor health overall.

Luckily, we have some non-profit organizations such as Feeding America that has over 200 food banks, feeding over 46 million people nationwide. The volunteers gladly contributing spend their time and effort to end hunger. If we all together who care about our future generation and youth support and raise awareness to child starvation, it will make the future brighter. As the President, I hope you will reinforce this national problem influencing others to step up to the issue. You, the president can start by creating more organizations, charities, and collecting donations to give for the needy. More and more children, and adults should be educated to prevent any more Americans from starving.

Therefore, as citizens, we hope for a great future but that will not happen unless we make the present better. Just enough effort of people who care, making organizations and charities for ending starvation can do more than a lot. You, Mr. President who has influence of us citizens will change the minds of others to contribute in this issue. All we need to do is donate money to the right places, give nutritious foods, and lend a hand to those living with hunger. For the children, our future generation, who starve everyday. They deserve to have a smile on their faces every day after a delicious filling meal. And with your help, I believe we can do that.   


Ly Nguyen