David L. Missouri

Let Them Be Legal...

We should support illegal immigrants.

Dear Future President,

I am a high school student from Missouri, and in this essay I am going to keep it 100%. I am going to express my opinion on immigrants and how they should be legal in the United States of America!

Immigrants come here to the United States to work, and to give a better life to their families. They go threw so much just to get here, More than 6,000 immigrants have died trying to cross the border, and so many more crossing the river. These immigrants should be legal here because they pay taxes and help so much the American economy. Why should we stop deportations?! Not only are families being separated, Children separated from their parents, but america is deporting its own people! Like my beloved cousin, His parents were illegal in the United States. They got deported, and my cousin being from here, he had to go to too. It affected his education and he was out of school. What I'm trying to argue is that you should let immigrants be legal, So together we can build america, And make america great again.

American children/teenagers do not have to worry about, or live in fear that their parents can be deported at any time. That they will have to leave their friends, education, and their family. This is America where there is freedom* The United States, It has very nice mates. Donald Trump wants immigrants to leave, But there just here to work and to weave. Not to rape or to murder, But he just doesn't understand. Separating children from their parents, that's just not right. We came to the United States poor, and all the hard work payed off and we’re not poor no mo. Hope Donald Trump doesn't win the election, because the immigrants will be in devastation. Donald Trump wants to build a wall, But the immigrants are going to come in like a wrecking ball. I think immigrants should be legal in the United States! 

If immigrants were legal here , and they would pass the comprehensive reform. All the immigrants would now pay taxes and help build America. 

Thank You for taking time off your day and reading my essay, I really appreciate it, but i would really appreciate it if you reply and tell me your opinion on this. Let's make America great again !



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