Jacky H. Georgia


Poverty is huge problem that should be addressed because it has been ignored a for a long time.

Dear Future President,

     Poverty is a huge problem and you need to do something about it. There are millions of people in the world that are suffering and dying from poverty. As our next future leader, you should be aware of this issue. They should know how big poverty is and it will soon take over our country.

     In 2015, there were up to 43.1 million people were living in poverty, which is also 13.5%. In that 43.1 million, there are 24.4 million people that are ages from 16-18 that are living in poverty. 21,000 people are dying every day because of this. If poverty continues at this rate, then there will be less people to work. With less people working then we won’t get the supplies we need to survive or to trade with other countries. Without any resources, our whole world will be in poverty. Don’t risk our whole world for a problem that can be easily fixed.

     Poverty doesn’t just affect the economy but the appearance of our economy. For example, there are millions are people in America who are suffering from poverty. If another foreign country decides to look at our population for poverty then they’re going to think that we don’t care about our country. Our reputation will be ruined. Poverty is risking the appearance of our country and our future leader’s appearance as well.

     Although poverty is a major problem, it can lead to many other problems. For example, poverty means to be at a state of being extremely poor. That may also lead to being homeless. Which means it can also increase the percentage of homelessness. Poverty is already a big issue, we don’t need other problems to get bigger or to be introduced.

      The president of America should know how important poverty is. It can decrease the population, which can lead to a major conflict with our economy. It can also make our economy look very careless. It may be hard to make this issue to be heard but it isn’t impossible. Poverty has been ignored for long enough, now is the time to fix that.

                                                                                                                            Sincerely, Jacky H