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Letter to are Future President

This letter is about our water

Dear, future president

          There has been environmental problems for the last two or three years now. The water has been unfit to drink and at one point of time it wasn't good enough to wash your clothes with. This problem has caused people to spent unnecessary amounts of money to supply there family with clean water to use. Also, this might have and effect on peoples cattle, farm animals, and pets that they raise for food or simply for companionship. Future president people need you to guide us in that path that can help with this water problem in are country.

          Next, to help answer some of the solution I watched the debate with the candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Donald Trump helped answer what he has in store to help are environment have clean water to drink. I really want to know what does Hillary Clinton can or will do to better are water. In some way i realized she will help with the water because she plan on stop tax giveaways on oil and gas companies. This might limit the amount of oil spills in are water streams polluting are water that we fuss about today.

          Finally, what guide lines will you set to insure that are water never gets unfitting to drink again?Things that can protect our water steam and rivers that we depend on water for. How long will it take to better the water once you become president? This problem needs to be met right away in order to make one foot step from being a good country. So, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump what is the whole plan to quench our thirst.  


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