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Gang violence

Uprise of gang violence

Dear president of the United States,

I'm a 17 year old high school student getting ready to be able to vote and the topic I chose to write about is gang violence.This is something that I think if we let it keep growing how it is now it will one day become uncontrollable. Gang violence is becoming a problem in the United States and has to be put under control. For example in Dallas they don't even have enough officers to properly monitor gang activity. This causes for a major undercount in gang members. Now the city doesn't even have a good idea of what's actually happening around them. As of right now there are around ten thousand documented gang members in Dallas. The city just brushes off the fact that there’s gang violence and say there’s none because they don’t want that namesake on the city.

This is a concerning topic to me because Innocent lives are being taken as a result of the uprise in violence. In the past eight years there has been about an eight percent increase of gangs. With this gang violence accounts for sixteen percent of all homicides. With numbers rising like they are who knows what will be going on in a few years. Whoever the next president is I think they should push for stronger gang units in each major city. This will help get a real idea of how many gangs/gang member are active in the area. Once that is figured out it will be way easier to crack down on the violence.


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