Hayden Wisconsin

Gun control

How gun control effects the United states.

Dear future president,

Gun have been used around the U.S to help or to do bad things, but have you ever heard the saying “ guns don’t kill people, people kill people” and now a days gun are some of the main reasons people die around the world.

According to the mass shooting tracker, there have been nearly 1,00 mass shooting since 2013, and that could be because nearly 22percent of americans own one or more guns, but my point is that their should be gun laws on gun control because of all of the bad outcomes in the world that have been happening. Either because people don’t know how to use guns or they just want to kill people. Some examples could be: Junior high school teacher shoots eleven teenagers, Man shoots 44 people at mcdonalds and a postal workers shoots 21 and there are many many more.

In conclusion I believe that the U.S should have laws on gun control because it will make the U.S a safer place.