ilirjan u. Wisconsin

Letter to the President.

I think that teachers are underpaid so I did some research on it... It turns out that they are more underpaid then I thought. I also found out that a Walmart manager makes more than a teacher makes a year.

Dear President, 

Hi my name is Ilirjan Useni and I go to Craig high school in Janesville WI and I am about to tell you on why I think teachers are underpaid. One of many of my reasons on why I think teachers are underpaid is that teachers have one of the most important jobs in the world they teach you everything you need to know in life and shape your future on becoming successful in life but yet some teachers still get paid less than an automotive repair worker. Based on statistically teachers across 34 different countries make roughley 22% less than their full time counterparts with similar education levels but have chosen a different career. In addition to this paper according to David Hansanyi, a teacher in South Dakota with a bachelor's degree and 10 years of experience only earns about $33,600 per year. After I did a little research that teacher with a bachelor's degree makes less than a auto repair worker. That is crazy a person who shapes our future and teaches us how to add, subtract, read, etc... makes less than a person who would change a light bulb in are tail light or change the oil in are car (Skyler M.).

Teachers in high school have to deal with a whole lot of stuff for example drama, teaching kids, making kids feel like they are welcome, try and pass every kid, school sports, etc. Overall teachers are one of the most hard working jobs available, but yet they still get paid about $50,000 a year! Now I'm not a rocket scientist but isn't that about the same amount as a Walmart manager makes? According to google an average pay per year for a Walmart manager is about $48,311.... ALL THEY DO IS STACK TOILET PAPER AND FOOD! An average pay for a teacher is about $50,000 and they shape our future not stack Twinkies and toilet paper (Edwards).

Teachers do more than just try to shape your life into the right track they also have been teaching you since preschool the difference between right and wrong. They teach you why it's not appropriate to swear at recess. They teach us that it is a norm that you have to go to school and do your homework. They teach us that it is not right to throw stuff in class or punch someone in the face, etc. My point is that teachers impact our lives in a HUGE way and they are not scared to get a small paycheck. They make sure the the kids of this country get a good education and prepare them for the real world, but yet are country can not find a way to pay the teachers the appropriate amount of money that they deserve. I will tell you that it is much more than a automotive repair worker, or a Walmart manager makes. Now after all the work that you see that they do and all the sacrifice they do so they can teach the students the least this country can do is give them a higher paycheck than an automotive worker (Hansanyi). Now it is up to you Mr. president to make that choice do you want to make the right or wrong choice you decide.


Ilirjan Useni

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