Zack w. Wisconsin

Second Admendment

My letter is about why we should not take away guns.

Dear President

I believe that the second amendment should be strongly reinforced because I think that if people have had anything to do with gangs. I think that this is a strong reason because all of the shooting you see on the new when you wake up in the morning has something to do with gangs, weather it's a drive by shooting or just people arguing about what gang is better. I also think that we should change the rules about selling a used gun because then you don't know the history of them, so I think that guns not be sold without paperwork and without having to sign it over. Just because other people are abusing gun use doesn't give you the right to take them away from everyone just the people who aren't using them the correct way. Because if you take away guns how are people able to harvest animals, because if we don't harvest animals they will overpopulate and cause trouble with people and be on the highways. And now you are putting people's lives at risk with higher chances of hitting animals. Not everyone should have the right to bare arms just people who don't have a bad history of events.