Nick K. Wisconsin

2nd Amendment

Citizens should have legal authority to own a firearm.

Dear Future President,

We need to focus on the 2nd amendment to minimize the amount of homicides each year.

My first reason is, The number of homicides in the U.S. every year is outrageous. Nearly 30,000 people die every year due to shootings and gang activity. In 2008, 5 to 4 vote of the Supreme Court, decided that the second amendment protects a citizen's right to posses a firearm for the purpose of self-defense. But that has not helped minimize the deaths every year.

My second reason is, What really is the second amendment? Does it defend your right to legally carry a firearm, or can it be exercised only through militia organizations? Many believe the risk can be controlled by permitting the government to raising funds for armies. A proposed new Constitution will give the Federal Government almost total legal authority over the army. And will give the Federal Government no legal authority to disarm a citizen. But how will that help with shootings all over the country?

My final reason is, not everybody uses firearms to hurt people. Most people shoot guns for a hobby, like hunting or just shooting at a target. It's not guns that harm people, it's the person behind the gun that harms people.

In conclusion, What will you do about the 2nd amendment, how do you plan to control the number of homicides in the U.S. to make the U.S. a safer country?


Nick Kerkhoff