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Unemployment is a Major Issue

There are millions of Americans who are unemployed! We need our jobs back!

Dear future president,

As of today there are 4.9% of suffering Americans who aren’t employed. Why is this happening?

Ever since the economic crash happened in 2008, it’s been a rough time for millions of Americans who either lost their job or looking for a job because it’s harder to come to them. Now that technology is taking over jobs people have no choice where to start looking. According to a article on Washington Post, "Machines are indeed replacing humans – and replicating what we thought were uniquely human skills – at a faster rate than many of us thought possible until recently." This can relate to some companies laying off workers due to less product purchases, that causes a lot of slow businesses. Many major companies like Mcdonalds is the types of  jobs that pays the minimum wage of at least $8.00 but is a fast food business that makes almost 75 million dollars a day.

Reasons Why Some Americans Are Jobless 

  • laid off
  • fired
  • quits or continues to look for a job

This huge issue impacted on middle class families are in debt with financial issues. There are millions of hard-working Americans across the nation aren't receiving the pay they deserve. Families are struggling with low weekly income. You need to make a change with this. Everyone should get equal pay on how hard they work. Some Americans work more hours than what they are paid. Many Americans use Unemployment for need of money to support their family for a period of time until they find a stable job. Some Americans might take this as an advantage to use the government's money to make it look like they don't have a job, but really they use that to their advantage. Another problem that relates to unemployment is a single parent income , for example In 2012, single mother families were making 25,493, only 31% of the average two parent families.

According to a Livestrong article, The number, age and gender of a single mother’s children will affect her food expenses, according to the USDA. The weekly food cost for a 1-year-old child, for example, could range from $21.50 to $39.40. A single mother could expect to spend $31.10 to $61.30 on children aged 6 to 8. Just by you increasing the wage of hard-working Americans As stated in the article, “Should the Federal Minimum Wage be Increased...the current rate of $7.25 an hour to $10.10 would inject $22.1 billion net into the economy and create about 85,000 new jobs over a three-year phase-in period.

America has an increasing population of people, that has an affect on unemployment. The country can't open up jobs with it's growing population.

I believe that unemployment should be happening in such a big country like America, where people come to live a better life. We need to end issue that affects everybody. For those who are unemployed, we need to jump start them to actually find a job ,not sit home, while their people who really need the help from the government. We need to raise wages to the right amount that will care for families who are struggling and decreasing the rate of unemployment.