Gianna M.

The End of Animal Testing is Today

Overall, animal testing is something that the future president will face, and he/she must do something about it. Animals are harmed and killed every single day, just for human satisfaction. That is unacceptable. We cannot blow it off because they are "just animals," they are living creatures who don't deserve this torture.

Dear Future President,

Now that you are the next president of the United States, you will be faced with many problems. One in which is animal testing.

Animal testing is a cruel act that must be stopped here in the U.S., and internationally. Animals are dying daily. I know that you aren’t the president for the whole world, but we can start by banning animal testing in America. It’ll definitely make a big impact.

Cosmetic companies often test their products on animals. The companies torture the animals for days on end. Some reasons why products are tested on animals is because, people are worried that they will harm humans. Though, they believe that since they are animals, it doesn’t matter if we harm them, or even kill them. That is an absurd thing to think because, animals are just as important as us. Animals aren’t just “things,” they are living, and they have feelings. Due to animal testing, we are becoming people who just think of animals as things we can control and use for our satisfaction. That is not a world that I want to live in. I want to live in a world where animals are happy, and not used.

This affects me because, I care deeply about animals, and it saddens me that some are tortured for human use. I started volunteering at an animal shelter because I believe that all animals deserve to have a happy life. Just imagine you are a monkey or a rabbit that is shaved, and strapped down while people surround it putting shampoo in their eyes to test if it hurts. You don’t understand what/why it is happening. Soon, everything ends. That animal is dead. That would be a terrifying experience that I know no human would want to face. If you wouldn’t want to face it, why would you make an animal face it?

There are a ridiculous amount of companies that test on animals. Some include, Covergirl, Clarisonic, Johnson’s, Pantene, and Suave. Studies show that about 87.5% of companies test on rodents. Yes I do know that many companies put the animals on pain medications so then they don’t experience pain, but that still is tremendously inhumane and awful. Also, only 43% of adults are against animal testing. That is extremely sad because, that means that the majority of adults support animal testing. To add on, 19,500,000 animals are killed each year due to animal testing. That must change. We will have to come up with solutions to end this immediately.

For example, we could spread the word about how this is a real problem. A lot of people don’t realize how extreme and cruel the companies that they are purchasing from are. Though, if the word gets out about what the reality is to create products, it may start to open people’s eyes to the dreadful truth. If possible, a law should be passed that will ban companies from being able to test on animals. We can find another method that will allow companies to test products on inanimate or no longer living objects. Now it is up to you to change tens of millions of lives, one animal at a time. They’ll appreciate it.


Gianna May