Isaac D. Idaho

Animal Cruelty

The animals that are being abused by people needs to stop and be changed, so animals may be treated respectyfully.

Dear Future President,

Imagine you being thrown into a microwave and being laughed at while dying in agony, or try having a bolt of a crossbow being shot through your head. For some animals in the world these horrific things happen everyday. While animals are and important part of our lives, what is being done to them is unfair. Animal cruelty is a growing problem these days. However people have lost interest in how they’re being treated. Animals are being treated worse each year. These animals that are being hurt or abused are having negative effects on our society and needs to be changed.

Although animals are a part of our lives each and everyday what has happens to some is very unsettling. With not only being abused but being treated disrespectfully too. People have tried to stop animal cruelty but it's hard to focus in on the people who are hurting these animals. Though I think if we could understand what is going on in this topic we could find away to help these animals from being hurt or treated harshly.

The problem of animal cruelty has slightly increased each and every year. In The Independent News it states that, ”159,831 complaints in 2014, compared to 153,770 in 2013 and their research shows that more than one million animal owners give up — or re-home — their pets each year, ”This shows that increase of animal cruelty has risen in the past year. This means that people are becoming more involved in animal cruelty and that more animals are being harmed each year. Also that people aren't caring for these animals and abusing them instead.This matters because the increase of people “doing animal cruelty” is the increase of animals being abused in homes, and since more than one million animals are being either not cared for or given away causes the increase of animal being abused to go up. The causes of these attacks on animals means more and more people are harming them more each year.

The crisis of animal cruelty has caused not only animals to be abused but women too. The Humane Society states that, “Researchers have found that between 71% and 83% of women entering domestic violence shelters reported that their partners also abused or killed the family pet. And another study found that in families under supervision for physical abuse of their children, pet abuse was concurrent in 88% of the families.” The people are not only acting out on animals at home but also women too. This shows that animal's life may not be as important as a human life. If animal cruelty is based just off this then what other things could come of this issue?

In conclusion the animals that are being abused or mistreated are causing multiple ripple effects on our society and how also it is affecting people at home. If animals are being abused each and everyday what character does that show on our world? If people are abusing animals for the fun of it, then what other could we possibly be doing to cause more harm to anything. These matters need to be taken into account and changed so that these animals may be treated fairly and respectfully.

Sincerely, ID