Amira C. Minnesota

College Tuition

The price college tuition is rising and it is becoming increasingly hard for students to handle.

Dear Future President:

As a member of our current society that is yet to be responsible for themselves, my thoughts tend to drift to what I want my life to look like in 5-10 years. My first concern in that future time period is college, something that most jobs today would like to see at least a 2-year Associates Degree from any college. Other fields of work require much, much more, and those fields happen to be some of the most needing industries in America. As a student who is looking to fulfill a spot in one of those needing industries, the medical field, I am very aware of the amount of colligate education that is required of me (4 years of undergraduate, 4 years of medical school, 2+ years of residency).

According the College Board, the average cost of a four-year public in-state tuition is 937,640 dollars, and that’s if I choose to stay in the state I currently reside in. If not, the average cost of a public out-of-state tuition is 95,572 dollars for a piece of paper that my dream job requires. But, guess what, my dream job also requires medical school, which, according to Best Medical Degrees, for four years on average costs 207,886 dollars, a significant amount more than the average cost of a house today. With this knowledge, it scares me to think that after I finish my collegiate studies I will be spending the rest of my life in debt because it is impossible to pay off the tuition of any college I choose to attend.

After I graduate from college, and am left barely swimming my way through debt and student loans, will my entry level job be enough to start paying off the debt that will never leave me alone? The answer is no. While doctors and medical professionals are looked as one of the highest paid workers in America, they don’t start out that way. It takes years for a medical professional to achieve the stereotypical wage that their occupation projects.

As the future president of the United States, I hope that you take a serious look at the insanely high prices young adults of this country have to pay for a post-secondary education. If something is not done to make these prices more manageable for students who do not make a sufficient amount of money to pay for school.

--Amira Carter

Benilde-St. Margaret's School

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