M Massachusetts

School start times

Dear Madam or Mr. President,

           Waking up and getting ready for school at a very early time can be very tiring. Early school time causes kids and teens not get the right amount of sleep to make them focus in their class. I am personally having trouble in this topic too, I don’t get the right amount of sleep everyday causing it to hard to concentrate in class and do well on tests and quizzes. I believe this can relate to many people in the world because I can already see a lot of people dozing off in class and not being able to understand or repeat what the teacher just said. This certain topic is important to me because having a later school starting time can make me be less grumpy and more enthusiastic.

          Most importantly later school times can cause health problems. According to Sara Cheshire from CNN “They say that lack of sleep in adolescents causes poor academic performance and poses a serious public health concern. Traffic accidents, depression and obesity can result, with schools that start too early contributing to the problem”. This shows how the lack of sleep affects teens by making their grades lower and health concerns. If you are sleep deprived your brain can not function properly, your brain needs to function properly to learn in class. Also, your body is busy tending your mental and physical health when you are sleeping, with the lack of sleep the human body does not have time to get ready for the next day. Though sleep deprivation causes lower academic grades it can also lead into bigger consequences like traffic accidents, depression, and obesity like Sara from CNN stated. Another important reason why we should have later school time is because of transportation, many students live far away from school. Making it harder for them to go to school since they would have to wake up earlier than the rest of the people who go to their school, this is also unhealthy since they are getting less sleep.

           Overall, I think that we should have later school times because of the teenagers health, grades, and transportation. Kids and teens suffer from this problem everyday and this has been the case for many years. I think this problem is just as important as other conflicts that are happening globally, it is unfair in my opinion just to discard this problem or any other school topics. "Almost all teenagers, as they reach puberty, become walking zombies because they are getting far too little sleep," says James B. Maas, a sleep expert at Cornell University. Like this quote said almost all schools start very early creating it hard for teenagers to concentrate which makes them like walking zombies. Future President, I hope you would solve this conflict and make it easier for the next generation to handle school and also having a better health.