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Police Brutality

The U.S.A was created for freedom not for violence.

Dear Future President,

Gun Violence has gotten worse over the years. With me being a African American I could get shot at almost anytime just because the color of my skin is seen as a threat. I thought the police were here to serve and protect. They aren’t here to take my dreams or more away from anyone. People shouldn't be killed at all by the way they look. Or by just the way people in our society are based upon. Isn’t this the United States of America? Where people can be happy and free to be themselves?

Police right now are taking advantage of their authority way too much. They’re not taking they job as serious as it should be taken. There are innocent lives being taken in the hands of police. Families are losing Fathers, Mothers, Sons, and Daughters. No one wants to get a phone call saying that their loved one has been shot and killed by the police. No one expects it to be in the hands of the police either. This is just not the way our country was made to be. We all are looking for equality. The police need to be more mature. That this job as a opportunity to help their community.

For example, Tamir Rice,12, was shot and killed by Ohio Police just because police thought he had a “gun”. Tamir had his whole life ahead of him; he had lots to look forward to: to go to college, have kids, a wife, and a house of his own. It’s sad that he will never be able to see that happen in his life. Just imagine his mother can only see her child at a grave. She can’t have a conversation with her own child. I get that they thought he was “out to get someone” or thoughts were racing in their heads. That doesn’t give them the right to kill someone, especially a child, in that matter.

A man by the name of Keith Lamont Scott was shot dead by North Carolina police. He begged and pleaded for his life. Keith had a brain injury which took a toll on his life. He probably had kids to go home too. Or to spend time with his family and friends. Police aren't thinking about anything before they do it. This is making me, as a 13 year old, think differently about the police. I know there are good policemen and women in the world. Sadly, there aren’t enough good policemen and women.

All of us as a country need to come together. We all are looking for somewhere to fit in. The saying is if you can’t fit in then stand out. Police out here are trying to get “a good case." They want something to work on. Or they think they are fix a problem that they are seeing. The problem is that there isn’t a problem. The things they are doing right now aren’t okay. Most of us are try to make a living, just trying to provide for ourselves and our kids. Some people are just trying to figure out where their next meal is coming from. See police have lots more to worry about than shooting people. Not everyone is out to get you at all. 

We all are just trying to make ends meet or find a job at least. This is a serious issue taking lives across the U.S.A.



Creekland Middle School

Ms. Boyle's Class

Ms. Boyle's Class

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