CHRISTIAN B. California


My "Fighting Cyber Bulling" report is about the conflicts and issues with cyber bulling and how we could stop it.

Dear President,

I would like talk to you about cyber bullying.

It have come to my attention that cyber bullying using social media is a serious thing

Manny kids have committed suicide each year. Cyber bullying is bad because it added sadness and depression, even some death to children.

I have experienced this as a witness of my friend. I found cyberbullying and needs to be stopped more and more kids found easy to be made fun of online it must come to a stop.

What i think is causing the the cyberbullying problem is how young kids are given all this power. They can use to make people feel bad. a cyber bully can be a simple “you're ugly”from a person and then they could get all self conscious.

I think what needs to happen for this to stop is one not be aloud to give out any personal or social medias at school. These social media app should have a live filter for what people say to to auto report. I also believe raising the age of social medias to the age of 18. Also adding a anti cyberbullying phone number on the homepage of all the social medias. To decrease the number of bullies out there.

Thank you for reading my letter I hope you take I said under consideration thank you!



English 9 Block 6 students share their concerns with the next President of the United States

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