Tejah M. Oklahoma

Restrictions on Gun Use

Gun violence in America is increasing every day, and it is time to put a stop to it by creating and enforcing stronger gun restrictions. This is not implying guns should be illegal, but new laws need to be made.

Dear Next President,

Gun violence is one of the major problems in America. A majority of people, especially young adults, lose their lives due to gun violence. In the year 2016, 39,757 deaths by gun violence were recorded. My boyfriend was one of the  tremendous amount of victims. His life was taken the second day of his senior year. He was taken from me just by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. It's tragic how something so small, like a bullet, can take someone's presence on earth away. His death impacted several people in a beautiful way. His situation shed light on this subject for me.

In contrast, people may argue that they use weapons for "protection". I understand that, but what safety can come from a bullet? What peace comes from a bullet being shot in the air? If anything, owning a gun for protection should mean that the gun is locked away somewhere safe in your home. A gun should not be used for taking a walk in the park. I understand that some people do not use the weapon for harm, but the gun itself is a gateway to unnecessary violence. A gun will create problems you never thought of.

Nevertheless, gun violence remains a growing problem. I am not stating that guns should just be illegal, but there should be reasonable restrictions. A gun should not be located on that person or in their vehicles for any reason. A police officer should have a legally valid reason to pull out their weapon, not just because a person appeared suspicious. Having a gun without a permit is already illegal, but us as a nation, and you as the president, should really enforce it. There's so much unnecessary violence already, and it is time to put a stop to it. We should all come together in peace, not destroy it.



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