Samaria Collins Louisiana


Racism is the belief that all members of each race is possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race.Racism is known the most in the U.S. It has been around for years and still is.

Dear future President,

   The word racism is well recognized and seen by most people.It is the biggest problem in the United States because of situations and actions.The Black Lives Matter movement started in 2012 when Tray'von got shot and killed in February of 2012.George Zimmerman committed the crime who was a neighborhood watch coordinator.Zimmerman didn't have a reason to kill Trayvon.I believe that there is only one kind of race and that is the Human Race.We should all be treated the same with the equal rights and not be discriminated because of our color, race ,religion, etc.

  Police shouldn't not be allowed to racial profiling when making arrests.It only matters if the person is hurting someone.I think people should stop judging black people through negative stereotypes.Some of my friends parents wont let them date black people because they find something wrong with that.Some people tend to think just because you hang out with black people you will end up being violent and disrespectful.African Americans are not the only race that is violent and disrespectful and not all African Americans are violent and disrespectful.Then again some people think that racism has came to an end.According to John McWhorter"Racism in America is over"Forbes.Forbes magazine said that The president of AmeriKKKa is black.If the racism that is all about is the kind that allows a black man to become president,then I'm afraid the nature of this "all about" is to abstract me to follow and most Americans will feel similarly.

    Racism in America has been increasing over the last few years.As people look at each other we now separate ourselves into groups.Some races look superior than others.I think the president should consider changing the way people are identifying themselves.When applying for a job and we are asked "What race are you?"that shouldn't even matter.