Yen California

Stop Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty comes in two forms: neglecting the responsibility to take care of pets and physically abusing animals.

Dear Future President,

I believe we should prevent animal cruelty, and that would include hunting or removing the animals from their rightful habitat. Animal cruelty does not only stop at pets - it's about all animals around the world. There are animals that are about to be extinct because the human race keeps killing them off for money or treasure. There are many different types of cruelty that can be inflicted upon animals. For pets, if their owner neglects them and doesn't provide the pet food, water, or proper shelter, this would be considered cruelty. A more physical action would be beating, torture, or shooting. The last one applies to all different types of animals - from the wild or even tamed ones at home.

If we do not take steps in preventing animal cruelty, there will be no animals left for our future kids to study. One simple act we can take to prevent animal cruelty is to make it a crime. Tell the people out in the country or world that there are people who will hunt innocent creatures down for "trinkets", like an elephant's tusk, to trade in for money. There are organizations out there that try to help preserve animals rights like the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Mr./Mrs. President, I think that you should support these organizations for the benefits of our future generations.


Yen D.