jorge A. California

Racial Inequality

Dear President Obama,

First than anything, I would like you to know that I am a Hispanic person and that we love the USA as the most stable place to be in oeace and that  there is a biggest issue than just fixing foreign issues. We as Mexican or Latinos people are being discriminated against and that is not fair because we are being accused to be murders or rapist even though citizens of the U.S. don't have evidence of that accusations. I'm aware that there are a lot of people that they have to leave their homes or anything that has a value for them and immigrate to other countries especially to the USA and taking risks of getting caught by police officers in order to accomplish their dreams or give their kids a better life. I think you can understand these people's situations and help them by letting more people to have medical and food supplies aides. Continuing to the racism against my people, I think you can create a sort of law that allow Hispanic people to enter the United States and stay here for a reasonable time to be safe from attacks in other countries, but not to be unsafe or insulted by American-citizens. I hope you can hear our petitions.


Jorge Aguilera Valdovinos 

San Marcos High School

American Government

Period 4 American Government

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