Niniveth California

Does a line in the sand define who we are?

Immigrants deserve to have a voice.

Dear Future President,

I hope for you to make the best decision for this country. A county, which was founded on immigration, yet many Americans hate it. Some view immigration as a negative, believing immigrants are rapists, drug dealers, terrorist, etc. But saying all immigrants are rapist is like saying all Americans are school shooters. And those same people complaining about it are the same who exploit it. Immigrants are underpaid and over worked because they have no rights. They're mistreated and afraid to say anything in fear of getting deported and/or losing their jobs.

Illegal immigrants pay up to twelve billion dollars in taxes and 65 thousand of them serve this county in the US army, yet they don't have basic right as to vote for the future leader of their home. The sad fact is that millions of people are coming into the US hoping for a better life yet they don't quite get it. They come here, work hard, trying to live the American dream yet they are deprived from it when they can't do certain thing because of what side of the border they were born on. When are we going to realize a line in the sand does not define us?

I am part of the immigrant community; my parents came here illegally from El Salvador attempting to escape a brutal war. Then they worked hard and became citizens. I have friends who aren't quite as lucky as my family. They fear doing something wrong and being sent back to a county they wish to be no part of.

Now back to you future president. Make America a county for others to look up too. Show the world that pretentious white men don't rule America anymore. Show that it’s a county of acceptance and hope. Be the county that helps those who need helping. Be a hero, save and help the people, your people. Be the president this country in this county needs. And the only way to solve this problem is not by trying to get rid of immigrant, by deporting them but by allowing them into this county and helping those who really need it.