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#Gun control laws

I wrote this letter because I would like to put a stop to guns. People should have there live and not having to worrying that they might get hurt.

Dear Future President,

On an average day 91 Americans were killed with guns

Seven children and teens (younger than 19) are killed with guns on an average day

Black men are 14x more likely to be shot than a white man

I am writing this letter because I believe that people should not have guns because more people are getting killed. The people who are getting killed have 20 or 30 more years ahead of them because people are now having more guns out in public because people want to feel safe and “defend” themselves. There would be more conflict with more guns. How we can fix this issue is by having people hold onto a card that proves that this person is allowed to keep a gun or weapon on them.

I agree with this writing because I wants to put a stop to gun violence and I want laws to exist and I want these things to happen because people keep dying because of gun shooting and laws should exist, for example people should have proof that they are allowed to have guns and not carrying around guns just to hurt people.

I wrote this letter because I wanted to tell you Mr or Ms president that when you become elected I would like you to make a law that people have to carry a card that shows/proves that they are allowed to carry a gun or any object that will hurt or kill people.

Sincerely concerned,

Isabel Castro 

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