john h. California


Abortion is fine, Just needs some changes.

Dear future President of the United States,

The issues of abortion has been revolving the society of America for years still even after its passage. Many conservatives view abortion is straight murder. Many liberals consider it to be a self bodied right. Considering the quote “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, each individual is entitled to their own body rights. Thus only makes it understandable that abortion must be legal. Religion has no say in this since there is no national religion, one’s religion can’t affect another. But the underlying issue here is to stop its government funding. Have it still be under government regulations but instead of being funded by taxpayers’ money, have it privatized. It only makes sense to be privatized because since taxpayers are already upset about paying taxes, those conflicting with the issues should at least know their taxes aren’t going towards something they disagree about, such as abortion.

In regards,


Santa Clara High School

Seniors in ERWC @ SCHS

Santa Clara High School 12th grade students writing in periods 3, 4, and 6 of the CSU Expository Reading and Writing Course.

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