Anish B. California

High Prices for Colleges

I explain the reason to change the high cost of colleges and what can be done in order to fix the situation.

Dear Future President,

The price for college is higher than it has ever been, and it is only continuing to rise. We need your help as the leader of our country to bring change to this corrupt system. Peopleer today cannot pursue their dreams without first being overwhelmed with the large sums of debt they have accumulated from their college tuition. Since college plays an essential in determining whether or not one can get a job we are only robbing our own country’s future by keeping such high prices for education.

Seven out of ten college students are in debt by their senior year. Although in some situations the student’s parents may pay for the debt, a lot of the time people are not in a financial situation to do so. On top of the college tuition fee, people must also pay for their books, living expenses, etc, which only adds on to the high costs of attending college. A little over 40% of college students end up being unable finish their 4 year degree simply because of financial issues. What I propose is to stop taxing the college tuition loans. If we can setup a method in which a special loan could be made with a lower interest rate and have this loan be granted only for paying college tuition, we could help minimize the cost for colleges. If we can lower the costs of our education system we can bring opportunities to more Americans and help create a brighter future.

When one starts their college career it becomes a chance for that person to become independent and pursue what they have interests in. Since the tuition costs are so high it requires students to be dependent on their parents. The dependence often makes people choose classes that will please their parents instead of letting them freely chose a field that they truly have interests in. Not only are those who are able to take college classes under the stress of knowing how much money was put into paying for their college tuition, this can often lead to students doing reckless things such as prioritizing grades above health. By placing college tuition within a reasonable price range we can help make colleges a better environment for the students, allowing them to pursue the path they want to and in a healthy environment.

I believe that helping fix our currently broken educational system will be one of the most beneficial steps toward a better America. Though statistics say that students are only 20% of our population they are 100% of our future; so anything that may hinder the future prosperity of our country should be dealt with as soon as possible. I hope you take what I have said into consideration as you start your first term as president.


Anish Bharadwaj