Justin B. Missouri

Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration has more cons than pros

Dear Future President,

As you know there are many problems our nation faces today. In being the newest leader of our great land, you have earned the trust of our citizens, and we as a nation are putting our faith in you to resolve these issues we face. One of those major issues being Illegal immigration. Even though it pains me to say it there are some benefits to it, the negatives outweigh the positives.

Illegal immigration has created a huge competition for jobs in the United States. Unskilled professions such as the fast food, retail, and janitorial industries have fewer openings due to the influx of unskilled immigrants filling said positions. According to NumbersUSA.com, the lacks of unskilled job openings have left many teenagers( who are also unskilled) without a way to make money while still going to school. Their lack of funds could essentially deter them from colleges after seeing the overall fees. This in turn leaves them in an “unskilled” state which means they would need an unskilled job that has been filled by an illegal alien. It’s really a vicious cycle.

Another major problem with illegal immigration is the money involved. The article “Illegal Immigration,” from ProCon.org, states, “The economic and social consequences of illegal immigration are staggering….Overall illegals have cost taxpayers billions of dollars by using government programs meant for citizens. The average American household dishes out $1,117 of their money, in taxes, to support illegals on welfare.” This is important to know because this statistic basically shows the amount of money they are stealing the from the working class while they sit around. They are not paying their dues, like responsible citizens, to live in the country.

On average 700,000 illegals enter the nation each year. The overall population of illegals is around 2.5 million. The government tries to issue amnesty acts to forgive those already in the U.S. This provokes more to enter before the bills and acts go into effect. To me this is like a reward and we can’t have that. If we don’t do anything to punish or ward off illegals they will keep coming. The more who enter, the worse the economy gets. This is why illegal immigration is bad.