Diamond Illinois

Better school systems

As I look around America, school systems are failing at different things. Some things they are failing at are lack of parental involvement and over crowding.

Dear future president,

My name is Diamond and I am currently a junior. As I look around my city I see a lot of school closings, and now seeing kids just hanging out, not in school, is kind of frightening. This could cause way more violence in the city. I feel as if we could use more school openings then closings. We could use a way better school system here in Chicago and all around America. Other countries are succeeding within their school systems, and they learn way differently. I feel some factors that play a role in our horrible school system is that there is a lack of diversity in our schools, and that a lot of schools are greatly overpopulated, meaning bigger classes, and a greater chance of all the kids not learning.

 A lot of students are graduating from high school without really knowing what's really next , or knowing how to apply for college. If our school systems could be changed , they would have to be totally reconstructed and started over completely. For kids to have a better chance to learn, I feel there should also be a change in time that school actually starts. As teenagers, I feel if our brains aren't really functioning how they are supposed in a such a early times like 7:00 am in the morning. Also, we should be encouraging different learning environments rather than the traditional learning environments we are used to seeing. That could really help increase learning while allowing us to have fun. Hopefully one day when I am older, I will be able to see a change in the systems for the better.

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