Jonathan M. Massachusetts

Funding For the Arts at Schools

There is inadequate funding for arts programs at school, and there isn't enough emphasis on the importance of it.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President

I feel like there isn’t enough emphasis on the importance of art, and there is inadequate funding for arts programs at schools.

This topic is important to me because my main hobby is visual arts. I enjoy drawing and other art forms because I can show my actual skills and talents. I find enjoyment and peace when I make art, and I feel proud when I finish a good piece. I feel strongly about how art should be more emphasized both inside and outside of school. Sometimes, people definitely favor others reading more, instead of drawing. It could be argued that reading makes you think critically and gets your brain working, but when I draw, the same basic thought process happens. It gets me thinking about where I should put something, or how I can improve on one part, and it gets me in a creative mood.

My school provides an art program as part of the curriculum, but it is only once a week, while physical education, music and other specials are twice a week. To me, this is more than just disappointing. I feel like they are prioritizing many other subjects over the arts, such as athletics, and the core subjects, although for the latter it makes sense. There are a lot of studies showing that students who study arts get better grades, and they develop many skills like visual learning and decision-making. So, I ask everyone, why aren’t the arts emphasized at school?

The government can help everyone with this. They can provide more funds for the arts at public schools. With this extra money, teachers can show everyone the importance, and fun, of creating art. More materials and choices can be provided, and everyone can have the opportunity to improve on and experiment with new art forms. I strongly think that we should provide more funds for the arts at public schools. Mr. or Mrs. President, please fix this issue.