Vanessa M. Wisconsin

Animal Cruelty

We need to stop all of the animal cruelty in America NOW!

Dear Mr. President, 

All over the world there are many animals that don't have a home, or have a home but are being abused. I wanted to write a letter saying that we need to stop all of the animal cruelty in America. First, there are many organizations that help homeless and abused animals. One of them is the ASPCA, and they have put out donations so they can raise money for the animals that they are taking care of. We need more of these kind of organizations so there would not be many wandering pets around. I would think there would not be so many animals that are homeless and abused, because they give out info on how to help these animals and I think if we had more, people would start to listen and help with these kind of things. 

Second, there needs to be a stop to all of the animal abuse here in America.  There is always a case where an animal was found dead from being abused or was found abused. It is so depressing to see this is happening in our country. There is one story that I read and it was about a little puppy that was stolen from its owner and was burned, beaten up, hanged and other horrible things. Some rotten teenagers thought it would be funny to do this to a small little puppy.  Somehow that puppy survived this horrible act. We need to stop this right now! 

Third, we need to take all of the animals away from the horrible owners that abuse and leave these animals, so for one, we don't have homeless animals and for two, we don't have anything being abused or killed. If we went to every pet owner's house and saw what their living style is, their cleanliness, and how they seem to be treating this animal of theirs. If the animal seems as if it's home is not  clean, and not well taken care of, then it is not a great environment for this animal. Other signs are to look out for, is what the animals condition is. If it looks starving, noticeable trauma, lack of sanitation, then that would be a HUGE sign showing if it is being abused or not. If the animals home is clean, well taken care of, and the animal is in chained to a fence or or tied up, then it is probably fine. Or if it looks like it has a healthy diet, and no noticeable trauma, that is also a sign that it is probably in a good home. If there are any signs of any abuse, then we need to take away these animals and bring them to a better place. They do not deserve this....

Please consider this and help these poor animals. They do not deserve this kind of behavior or abandonment. They have feelings too... Thank you so much for taking your time to read my letter. 


                  Vanessa Miller

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