Genesis M. Georgia

We are putting ourselves in danger

We are all littering. We are all hurting animals with our trash.

Dear Future President,

Why? Why do people litter? Why are people lazy to throw their trash away in a trash can? Do they know they’re ruining our world? Littering is bad for everyone, and it’s not bad just to humans, it’s bad for animals too. People don’t know that they are killing animals with trash. Yes it sounds silly, but it’s true! Some adults and kids die in a mysterious way, and we never know what caused it. A reason may be because of trash, because some of the trash goes to our water source and all the plastic particles/chemicals gets in the water that we drink. That’s one reason that may have caused the mysterious death of adults/kids. But we never know if it is actually trash that causes some mysterious deaths.

The reason why we should stop littering is because littering can make the world dangerous. All the plastic, wrappers, glass, and water bottles can get into lakes, and oceans. All the fish and other sea animals that are in any of those water sources are in danger because of us, because we are all littering. Some people love animals so much, but some of the people that love animals so much, litter, and don’t know that they are hurting them with plastic and all of those other stuff.

In an article I read, called “There’s a bunch of zoo animals made out of garbage” they say that they find a bunch of trash, they turn the trash that they find, and turn it into different types of animals. They are not the size of a door, they’re the size that is bigger than us human’s. That’s how crazy the population of trash is.

In another article I read called “Troubled Waters: Lake Erie’s Plastic Problem” it says that there was a fish that was commonly found on menus and fish markets around the country, it was found in mid- pacific ocean with 17 micro plastic bits found in its stomach. That happened because we are all littering, and that’s how we are hurting animals/ sea animals. Nobody would want to eat a fish with plastic particles, because then the plastic particle/chemicals would end up in a person’s body if the person eats a fish like that. The article also says that since Lake Erie is a source of water for many cities, there’s also a concern that the plastics could leach chemicals into the water supply that may be harmful to humans. This article proves that littering is bad. We never know if we are drinking water with plastic particles in it. This article also says that “The so called Great Pacific Garbage Patch is said to be twice the size of the state of Texas” that’s actually how much trash is in the Pacific Ocean.

There’s a lot more information about littering, and why it’s bad. Littering makes our world dangerous and ugly. Littering can actually kill animals and maybe people. We need to stop so we can save ourselves, animals, and the world.