joshua a. Georgia

we need to end homelessness

we need to provide food,shelter,and education

                                                                      Homelessness In America

                                                                                                                                                                       Joshua A

Dear Future President

There is a massive problem that has to be addressed immediately. This problem is homelessness. There are millions without jobs that go homelessness and are on the streets tired and hungry begging for money, sleeping on the cold, hard ground despite for food or a place to stay. I have come up with things that has to be provided in order reduce the number of the homeless drastically. These three things have been done but have not been taken seriously. We have to try to end homelessness one and for all. The three things that have to be provided are food shelter and education.

First of all food, we need to set up soup kitchens all over the be specific soup kitchens in every state and in those states the main cities need to have and also the ones with the most homeless people. There about thirty seven thousand people that die from homelessness and about a fourth of these deaths are caused from starvation.

Second of all we need to provide shelter to the homeless. They are getting sick and getting diseases and are dying on the streets. There are even children that are on the streets, and these children need a place to stay and sleep because the streets are a scary place for children and they should not be on the streets. With the shelters we need education.

Education is something that everyone needs especially the homeless because of the people that go homeless; go homeless at a young age and might have forgotten how to do certain things in school. Also the homeless need education on homelessness, specifically how to get out of it and how to avoid becoming homeless again. This is important because what is the point of the other two things I was talking about if they go homeless again.

In conclusion homelessness is an enormous problem in the United States and would like it if you could do this and provide food shelter and education for the homeless. These are the three main essentials to live a good live, and they deserve to have what we have .we need to end homelessness and decrease it by thousands.