Sydney B. Virginia

Childcare Affordability

Childcare quality and affordability is a major concern of your nation's youth. Do not let this issue stand idle any longer.

November 1, 2016

Dear President,

First of all, I would like to sincerely congratulate you on your election to the office of President of the United States of America. It is a role that comes with great honor---but great responsibility as well. The distinguished duty of President comes with the obligation of addressing citizens’ concerns--- which is the primary reason I write this letter to you. It has come to my attention, through a curious question and rigorous research, that the cost of childcare in America devours a grossly large portion of American families’ incomes. This issue may no longer stand idly by as other issues are addressed, which is a fact I am sure you are well aware of. Childcare ranges from $4,000--$10,000 annually per child. One-third of American families with young children have an income below $25,000 (Friedman). Childcare needs to be more affordable, trustworthy, and easier to access.

Childcare costs inflated 25% during the last decade ("Where Do”). According to Agriculture Department data, the projected cost of raising a newborn until they are eighteen is $245,340. The cost of full-time preschool exceeds average public college tuition in 23 states (Morath). Potential parents are being faced with the impossible decision of whether to risk having a child they may not be able to afford care for.

Furthermore, child caregivers are paid hardly substantial salaries. Childcare workers earn approximately $14,000 annually, as well as few (if any) benefits and paid vacation days (Friedman). Childcare positions are often filled by unqualified individuals because of low wages. Talented and exemplary caregivers are drawn away from childcare positions because they pursue careers capable of supporting them, which leads to many childcare centers providing questionable care. In 32 states, child caregiver training is inessential (Friedman). Managing children is difficult, and as a consistent babysitter, I can confirm that knowledge of how to work through tantrums and perform emergency procedures is a necessity before being entrusted with children. Children are endangered when cared for by an inexperienced individual. According to a 1995 study, one-eighth of childcare centers threaten children’s safety (Friedman). Childcare centers should be a sanctuary for children, not somewhere threatening to their health.

Consequently, childcare should no longer be neglected while other issues are addressed. Some believe childcare is neither your nor the government’s concern because raising a family is not compulsory. However, this country’s Declaration of Independence states individuals have the right to the pursuit of happiness. Through allowing childcare expenses to ascend, the government is limiting some Americans’ freedom to choose whether or not to raise children and hindering some from pursuing happiness through preventing them from ever seeing their child wobbling their first steps. No American should be deprived of the right to access affordable, decent childcare since happiness is often pursued through familial bonds.

I trust that you, whomever I am addressing, are familiar with Secretary Clinton’s proposed childcare plan. Through a detailed analysis of the issue of childcare affordability and quality, I have reached the conclusion that this plan will highly effective. However, as beneficial as it may be, this plan will be expensive. Her proposals should gradually be inaugurated to minimize immediate financial impacts and be commenced in small increments, such as awarding fewer than the originally anticipated number of SPARK scholarships to begin and gradually increasing that number.

I sincerely thank you for taking the time to read this letter and listening to the very real concerns of the youth in your nation. I implore you to address the growing issue of childcare in the U.S. today and to help the citizens of the country you have sworn to protect by preventing their heartache caused by the loss of their freedom to have children.



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