Mark K. Washington

Letter To Next President

What you should keep doing, and what you should stop doing.

Dear Next President,

I believe that we should not allow refugees from the Middle-East no matter what the occasion is, because many times when we have let Middle-Eastern Refugees into our country it has led to fatal events of our citizens dying over the cost of helping someone from another country. Hillary does say that there should be some acceptance of mothers and children that are “injured” or “need of help”, this is shouldn’t be the case because even in the Middle-East those children and mothers are just as deadly as the ISIS members along with the people that are part of Al-Qaeda. Now Hillary does mention that the refugees that are coming into this country should be checked, for background records, or just what they are carrying with them. Obviously the people that are being checked won’t just tell you that they are planning to blow-up, but they build whatever relationship between them and America so that they “trust” them, then when they least expect it, they attack us, stabbing us in the back. This is a problem because for many years we know that Middle-Eastern people especially those from around the area of ISIS or Al-Qaeda lead to problems and deaths of many American citizens. So from this information I believe that Middle-Eastern refugees should not be allowed into the great and beautiful country of America.