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Abortion and Planned Parenthood

Abortion should be kept legal, and we need to put more funding into abortion clinics and things such as Planned Parenthood. Women need to have the right to choose; what a woman does with her own body is her business and her business only.

Dear Mr./ Mrs. President,

My name is Olivia S. and I’m fourteen years old. You may think I’m too young to have such a strong belief in something, but I’m not. I am done with being silent about it. I am writing this letter to break that silence. I want to express something that is very important to me, and this is women’s rights to have safe, professional abortions. Making abortion illegal again is incredibly not beneficial and can be deadly to many women across America. This matters to me because I feel. I feel for all of the women that don’t have access to safe abortions.

Abortion is a topic that everyone has a different view on. Usually, you are either pro-life (against abortion) or pro-choice (for women’s right to choose). I, myself, have been and always will be one hundred percent pro-choice. Women need to have the right to choose. What a woman does with her own body should be her business and her business ONLY. No one should be able to tell a woman what to do, especially when she is perfectly capable of making decisions on her own and does not need anyone telling her what to do. I also believe that the government should fund for buildings and associations such as Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics. On the contrary, some people believe that we should not fund for these types of clinics and abortion should be made illegal again. In my opinion, that is completely awful and unnecessary. If a woman decides to have an abortion, (which, again, is her choice, and not something for anyone to comment on) she should be able to have access to a clinic that is incredibly safe and filled with support, with a professional that has a medical degree and knows what they are doing.

Unprofessional abortions and the complications that come along with them are something that is awful and could be prevented in the future. When/ if a woman feels as if she cannot go to an office or a Planned Parenthood clinic for an abortion, (this could be for various reasons, such as rejection, judgement, etc.) she goes to other options. These options include harming themselves, drugs, insertions of tubes, acupuncture, hypothermia, etc. Some women are so desperate to terminate their pregnancy that they turn to suicide.

There are many things that cause women that want to result in the termination of their pregnancy. Some of the most common causes of abortion are: birth control failure, prevention of the birth of a child with severe medical complications/ birth defects, inability to support or care for a child, ending an unwanted pregnancy, and pregnancy resulting from rape/ other traumas.

No matter what the reason is for wanting to terminate a pregnancy, women across America (and the world, really) should be able to have access to somewhere that can ensure the termination of a pregnancy in the safest way possible, and somewhere that the woman will not be judged for the choices she makes with her own body. Women should have that right. They should not be called murderers or criminals for deciding that they want to end a pregnancy for any reason they have. It’s beyond unfair, and something needs to be done to prevent the banning of abortion and not funding clinics that offer termination. Mr./ Mrs. President, I am begging you. Being a woman myself, I am for women and their rights. We all need to stick together and if you try to ban abortion and clinics that offer it, nothing positive will come out of it. I can promise you that. Women will still have abortions, just illegally and unprofessionally, which could also do a lot of harm/ potentially kill a lot more women.

I hope you take this letter into thought and try to understand and realize why we cannot have abortion and their clinics banned. Thank you.


Olivia S.








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