Big Joe Utah

You Can't Stop It, but You Can Slow Down Global Warming

I want you to slow the effects of global warming. We are too far gone to stop global warming completely, but if you work to slow down the effects, our planet will be habitable for many more generations to come.

Dear Future President,

I have lived in Utah my whole life, and I love the natural beauty around me. I want this beauty to be seen by my grandchildren, their children, and their children. In order for them to be able to see Utah’s beauty, the effects of global warming will have to be slowed.

Global warming is too far gone now to be completely stopped. But the effects can be slowed, and that is what I want you to do.

Global warming is not just a myth, it is fact. By the year 2040, the Arctic is expected to have an ice-free winter. It is causing reefs, like the Great Barrier Reef, to die off at the highest rate since 1980. Sea levels have risen seven inches in the last 100 years, more than it had risen in the previous 1000 years. The 2000s was the hottest decade in Earth’s history. Global warming leads to massive food and water shortages, which in turn affect wildlife. Global warming is a global problem, and every country in the world needs to work to slow the effects of global warming.

We cannot treat the planet like we have another we can use once this one breaks. As the POTUS, you have a lot of power in the global community. You need to first make America a truly green country. Then, you can use the country as an example that any country can become green. Once many follow suit and emissions are reduced, the effects of global will be slowed, and my great-great-grandkids will be able to see the beauty that I see every day.

Good luck, Mr. or Madam President. You may need it.


Big Joe