Matthew California

Earth's Life

Are we making the world a better place only for us? Or to the rest of the world's nature & life?

Dear Next President,

My name is Matthew Alay are we able to protect our world's animals and their habitat to make it a better for them, or are we going to let them go extinct? Billions of animals around the world still suffer needlessly like every day. You help the people who care continue to protecting animals into the future. Protecting animals starts with people just like me or you, who have the passion and the foresight to create a better world for them. Those people passionately believe that animals matter and animal cruelty must end.

For example, we pollute, burn, and take over their habitats and homes from the land to the sea. You can protect animals in disasters whether it’s destructive weather, volcanic eruptions or man-made tragedies, your legacy will help us create a world where animals are protected from disasters. You can help us rescue and provide emergency aid to animals during a disaster, whether at home or overseas. We’ll have to work with governments and communities across the globe to ensure animals are part of disaster plans and assist in their recovery and ongoing protection.

Make sure you don’t harm the animals around the world. Stop taking and/or destroying the animals food source. Your generosity can help us ensure the captivity, exploitation and mistreatment of wild animals is a thing of the past. Evolution runs through them to survive, the same way how we're surviving. The animals require our absence to survive not our help, so if only we can step aside and trust in nature life will find a way, and so will we to help them let their lives continue.


Matthew Alay