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Women's Rights In Education

This is an issue that has been around for as long as the world existed. Yet to this day, it is not identified or acknowledged as much as it should be: women’s rights and education.

 November 2, 2016

Dear Future President,

As of today, I am taking this time to write this letter to you to regard an important problem that is often overlooked upon in today’s society. This is an issue that has been around for as long as the world existed. Yet to this day, it is not identified or acknowledged as much as it should be: women’s rights and education. This is a problem that I personally was oblivious to. But now that I can see it through a clearer window, I can say that this is open heartedly a burden to me. Women and young girls, especially in poor countries, don’t get to have the privileges as men to go to school. Not only this but women all over the world are treated as if they are inferior to men and this is a problem I would like you to address.

“Let us pick up our books and our pens, they are our most powerful weapons.” This is a quote taken directly from Malala Yousafzai’s book called “I Am Malala”. The book is about the importance of education for women and young girls and her fight to allow everyone all around the world to have this opportunity. Yousafzai says that “..our books and our pens..” are our most powerful weapons. This, I believe, is an absolutely true statement. When girls are handed a book and a pen, especially through these times of war, poverty, hunger and disease, their education is what contributes the most improvement for most if not all of them. We, as world power, need to step up and support more programs in poverty-stricken countries to help grant young girls and women the chance to have education in their lives. This will not only allow girls to contribute to quality, size, and productivity of the workforce, but it is also very good for the economy.

Having education can provide a woman with a better paying job in which they can then provide daily essentials and necessities, health care and education for their own family. The difficulty with this situation is that although they may have education, they may not be able to find a job because of the discrimination held against them in society. A woman does not need a male partner to do every little thing in supporting the entire family. In fact, research says that men with long work hours who provide for their families are actually the cause of suffering for their household. Wives begin to feel more stressed and rush to finish chores in the house while the husbands begin to show symptoms of depression. This issue could be resolved if only women are given the chance to go to school.

I truly believe that education is one of the keys to success. Living in the world that we do today, if all people are given this opportunity, particularly in the poor countries that lack gender gap, many public issues can be secured. Women only have insufficiency of schooling and choice because of how much they are looked down upon by all people. If we somehow shut down the opinions of society, we can accomplish giving these young girls around the world the education that can help open so many doors and possibilities for their future. Thank you for taking your time to read my letter of concerns. I hope to see all the good that you do for this country and for other countries!

Wauwatosa West High School

Wauwatosa West American Public Policy

All juniors are enrolled in a required civics and public policy course called American Public Policy. The capstone project is the Issue Investigation - students identify an issue that can be solved by the creation, modification, elimination of a public policy. Student letters are their first research step in the Issue Investigation process.

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