Aileen N. California

Health Insurance

The issue regarding healthcare and the debate between the candidates.

Aileen N.

Dear Future President,

The recent presidential debate has brought up many controversial topics. One of the many issues included in the debate is on what to do about health care. There are two sides of the argument that must be understood in order to resolve the issue. We have on one side Hillary Clinton, who wants to keep Obamacare and improve from the foundation it has established, while Trump concludes that getting rid of it completely would be most beneficial. I believe that a type of affordable health care is better than no health care at all. I understand that Obamacare is being criticized right now, and I know it needs much improvement. Though getting rid of it all together means getting rid of all the work put into it in the first place.

Since 2014 Obamacare has helped 15 million American citizens gain health insurance. Improving the overall percentage of uninsured adults by at least 5 percent.