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A Higher Education for America

Many people in the middle and lower class are unable to afford a higher education. Please help more US citizens get the education they deserve.

Dear Madam or Mister Future President,

I am part of the middle class as are most of my friends. After asking around, I have found that many of my friends are going to have difficulty affording a higher education. The fact that most of them are going to have trouble going to college is surprising, seeing that there is so much pressure on the youth of today to get the higher education.

It seems to me the cost of college should be going down when the demand for it increases. Though, that does not seem to be the case right now. According to the United States Department of Education, “...over the past three decades, average tuition at a public 4-year college has increased by over 250 percent” (College Affordability and Completion…). I feel like many of the lower and middle class citizens are not being presented with the education rights that they deserve. Many jobs are biased to what college a person goes to. For example, if there was a person who went to Stanford and a person who went to community college who both wanted the same job, there is a big chance that the Stanford graduate would get the job. While this may continue to be the case even if more people were given the chance to go to college, there would be a definite increase in citizens working in higher paying jobs, which would lead to a better economy overall.

There is a saying that goes, “knowledge is power”, and that is true. Without an education, this world would be chaos. According to the Pew Research Center, Americans without a college degree experience, “... a substantial loss in economic status”. The United States can only grow when more people are provided with the education they need to lead a better life.

Thank you for taking this into consideration and I hope you will help.



Santa Clara High School

11th graders in AP English Language SCHS

11th grade students in AP English Language at SCHS

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