Bryce M. Montana

The Issue With Pet Abuse

In this letter I discuss the many problems we have today with pet abuse and animal rights. I also talk about the solutions we can use to fix these problems.

October 19, 2016

Dear future president,

My name is Bryce and I live in Billings Montana. I would like to talk about a huge issue in society. Pet rights or abuse.

You see this problem brought up a lot, whether it is commercials in television, or magazine article. There is just not enough being done to solve this issue. I have some ideas for solving the problem.

First of all, we need to pay more attention to people who have a history of abusing their pets. They need to be registered as a pet abuser. Anyone registered as a pet abuser can only have a small amount of pets, because if someone has a lot of pets chances are that they are not taking very good care of them. You can’t rightfully take care of twenty dogs at the same time. It is just not possible. Also, people who are registered pet abusers need to have their pets checked up on quite often. They need make sure these pets are healthy. Anyone not registered as a pet abuser still needs to have their pets checked on incase the owners are abusing them. They just don’t need to be checked on as often.

Another thing we can do to help solve the pet abuse problem is to take complaints about people abusing their pets more serious. I know in some places these things are taken seriously already, but in other places people see it as, it is their pet they can do whatever they want with it.

I hope you consider some of these ideas. Thank you for your time.


Bryce M.

Billings, Montana