Ashley H. Montana

The Importance of Gay rights

My letter is about gay rights. Mostly the important bits and pieces of why gay families, should also be accepted in other countries.




October 19th, 2016

Future president

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington,DC 20500

Dear Future President,

I think Gay Rights are something we need to discuss because I believe all people deserve to be happy and love who they would like to love. I care about this because I strongly think everyone should accept that the same gender can love the same gender or the opposite gender can love the opposite. Basic standards say that one gender should always love the opposite, to grow in population. Studies have shown that if we didn’t have gay rights in the United States adoption rates would be a lot lower, and if we had them in other parts of the world they would increase majorly. I also think more people would start to recognize this is actually okay, what I mean by that is it’s ok to love the same gender. That there is actually nothing wrong with loving the same gender. I consider this to be hard to complete because many have there own beliefs. About loving the same sex and not having a healthy marriage, or having kids before marriage. I think some solutions are maybe graphs or other science about healthy gay couples or gay marriages. Another thing maybe to have some Gay families or Bi families go to other countries and talk about or convince the other countries why this appears as a good idea. I think the president could help by writing letters or creating a vote about gay couples or families. My conclusion to this is I believe that gay or not you should be able to love whoever and I believe we should make this change.