Freya New Jersey

Same Sex Marriage

The problems with people not excepting same sex marriages.

Dear Future President,

What I would like to discuss the problem with discrimination against anyone that belongs to the LGBT community. Franchises such as chick Fil A, and The Hobby lobby bring their religion into their work life, and refuse to hire anyone belonging to the community. “Florida is one of 16 states in the U.S. that does not protect those in the LGBT community from discrimination at work.”-

There are still Countries that punish you if you have a same sex marriage such as Iraq, Mozambique, and Chad. There are still places in The U.S.A where people don’t take to the idea of homosexualality kindly. For example the club massacre in Florida.

How could people be so cruel just because someones different? Were all have our differences. I think that if someone discriminates against someone with a same sex marriage they should have to pay a fine for emotional suffering.

Hopes at dreams